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Most flexible Solution

WCS is secure, stable, modular and cost-effective solution. It will let you optimize your returns while saving costs via making processes more efficient, whether it is your personal activities or business ventures. Our flexible licensing and feature modulation is what every business needs.

You get it all in one solution where no space for hassles of administrative and maintenance related activities.

Any type of network infrustructure Unlimited external / internal users Localized or mobile usage Integrated security Fully virtualized Easy integration Flexible licensing

Control and organize your content. The way you have been dreaming of. Highly secure and flexible Very intuitive administration All types of content Built-in integration with Office Supports any network infrustructure Easy navigation and publishing

Get real time conferencing with complete integration. Hassle free. Unlimited number of users * Effective resource utilization Flexible network utilization * Unbeatable banchmarks Built-in communication tools Web casts and recording Integrated imaging, video conversion

Reliable and fully integrated finance for your business needs. Complete accounting Sales Inventory Payroll POS Imaging / Scanning PM and CMS integration



Ekonnekt, the supplier of collaborative software as a service On-Premises or as your own Private Cloud to the individuals and commercial sectors focuses on delivering high quality solutions and top of the line management and communication tools.
   Ekonnekt additionally delivers workflow software for vendors and service providers that further strengthen its position on the market. Working closely with partners in the local businesses and the private sector, Ekonnekt facilitates secure environment and efficient tools for both consumers and vendors alike. The company's unique value proposition is the breadth and depth of integrated unified network infrastructure spanning hosted customer portals as well as operational CRM, CMS and HRM.
    Ekonnekt seamless integration optimizes your operational processes with the use of the WCS Hive Portal Technologies. We go further by providing Business Process Automation capabilities.
   Ekonnekt is a cross-industry solution with a modular design and scaled implementation that fits businesses of any size. Project and content management, video conferencing and finance from one source. No multiple vendors and provides. No multiple contracts/terms. Most cost-effective customized solution will fit your business or personal needs like a glove. We have it all in WCS hive.

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Project Planning, Tracking and Workflow. CMS content management system with built-in version control. Real-time Collaboration with HD video conference. Unique Mobility. Virtual Office and Workspaces. Email Client and Alerts. For more information visit List of Features

On-Premises VM | VPS

Utilizing top security and latest technologies we are offering the most mobile and portable system to date. Please take a look at comparison pages by category :
Project Management  
Content and Document Management  
Video Conferencing  
Team Server

Tech Support

Our 24x7 helpdesk team is happy to assist. Please submit your tickets via Helpdesk System When you login please submit request by selecting Ekonnekt in company dropdown.


You can find documentation for each feature right where you need it following User Guide links. For generic questions please see WCS FAQ


WCS is secure, stable, modular and cost-effective solution. It will let you optimize your returns while saving costs via making processes more efficient, whether it is your personal activities or business ventures. Our flexible licensing and feature modulation is what every business needs. please click on images to see details

  • Run it on any system or external drive. Access from anywhere anytime.

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    Everything your business needs in one solution

  • Connect your teams, clients. No technical knowledge required.

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    Run your business anywhere ... and we mean it anywhere

  • Download and install WCS server. That's all you need.'

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    Simple steps to start running in under 7 minutes


Business Project Management

Generic | Manufacturing | Shops | Stores | Information Tecnology | Construction
Project / tasks control which suits any industry Human resources: keep your employee data in safe and highly organized record keeping location Built-in Dynamic Workflow: any type of business where paper work is involved Communication suite

Business Project Management

Medical | Library | Education | Training courses | Travel Agency
Document repository with added abstract data, fully indexed and searchable Volunteer tracking Image formatting / processing / scanning [next release. Free for business accounts first 3 months then have to upgrade to Business Pro plan] Communication suite

Community Projects , Marketing and Events

Publishing and Marketing | Conferences | Charity Events
Complex document compilation HTML, PDF Video and audio recording Easy to create ads via Save as HTML, PDF RSS feed DB / subscriptions Communication suite


Dynamic Portal : create for your company or your clients Human resources : built-in HR sample portal Informational site : to share knowledge or any type of info in any format such as images, docs or videos Video or album sharing : includes video player and album viewer Shopping : for sale / buy if you create listing using Basic Info section Accounting, construction, store / shop

Multiple Team Schedule , Conferencing and meetings

Any kind of industry / community Web casts : do web casts to unlimited number of viewers


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